The Case For James


Why Lebron James Has an Argument in the GOAT Debate…

With all of this rumbling about “The Last Dance” series starring, arguably the Greatest Basketball Player of all time, there has been a star that has been recently pushed away from the “GOAT” argument. 

With 9 finals appearances, but only 3 rings to show for it, Lebron James has a stake in the GOAT debate. Lebron James has been elected into the All-Star game 16 times in his 17 years in the league. As well as being named to the All-NBA team 15 times, as well as the All- Defense team 6 times. While only holding one NBA Scoring Title, James recently surpassed Jordan on the All-Time Scorers list, and is now ranked third, behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone. 

However, Lebron James’ argument as the “GOAT” goes far beyond the statline because comparing them side-by-side, Jordan seems to hold the upper hand. However, when “The Last Dance” recently uncovered the truths of the Chicago Bulls, there is much evidence that closes the gap between James and Jordan. 

When Michael Jordan did not have Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan was still Michael Jordan, but without the rings. During his time without Scottie, Michael Jordan’s record was 193 wins to 187 losses. Meanwhile, Lebron James never consistently had that “right hand man.” Yes, he had Kyrie Irving, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, but never did Lebron have a player of the caliber of Pippen. 

In 2014-15, Lebron James nearly single handedly bested the 67-15 Golden State Warriors squad, who consisted of the new “Big 3” in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. He managed to bring the series to a game 6, without his supporting cast in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Also, a year later, the returning champions, Golden State Warriors, surpassed the Chicago Bulls’ previous record of 72-10, and managed to win 73 wins, with only 9 losses. However, the only thing standing in the way of their fantastic run was King James. James managed to down the historic Warriors season in a 7 game series.

My final argument as Lebron James being the “GOAT” is his 2006-2007 season, only his second year in the league. James managed to bring his Cavalier team to the NBA Finals, eventually losing to Greg Popavich’s San Antonio Spurs. 


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