Francis Ngannou Does Not Stand a Shot Against Jon Jones


Why Jones Dominates Ngannou…

To begin, let’s go back to the reason why Francis Ngannou has only gotten one title shot. Because the one title shot that he did get was against Stipe Miocic, and he got wrestled, and had no answer for the wrestling, nor the ground game. While a vicious knockout artist, and one of the scariest heavyweights in the UFC, Ngannou has a sub-par ground game. 

The reason Ngannou has no shot against Jones is because Jones has implemented his ground game more than he ever has before. Getting later into his career, Jones is more aware of the effects of getting hit, therefore, has fought smarter, instead of harder. Using leg kicks and takedowns more, Jones is looking to extend the longevity of his career.

Being the youngest champion ever, Jones has not lost a UFC title fight ever since. Defending two of those against rival, Daniel Cormier. Cormier, who is the former UFC Heavyweight champion, has defeated Stipe Miocic once for the title, and looked like he was on his way to defeating him again, before being knocked down and finished. The point is that Cormier is a better fighter than Miocic, who showed his superiority over Ngannou. And Jon Jones has beat Daniel Cormier not once, but twice.

While having a few disappointing fights recently against Thiago Santos and Dominick Reyes, Jones still possesses all of his skills. Recently, Jones has gotten into some issues outside of the cage, which will prolong this fight, in the event that it happens. However, Jon Jones has stated that he can get up to 265 pounds, which will narrow the size gap between himself and Ngannou. However, how much does speed play into effect for Jones as power? At what weight will Jones be most optimal to be faster than Ngannou, as well as have enough power to threaten Ngannou?

The answer to the fight is simple. If Jones can take Ngannou to the ground, Jones wins the fight. If not, Jones will be running on thin ice, with the one punch knockout power that Ngannou possesses. 


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