The Continued Existence of Designated Hitters


Keep ‘Em or Get Rid of ‘Em…

In the sport of baseball, there is a position in the batting lineup, called the Designated Hitter (DH), in which another player bats in place of the pitcher, to protect the pitcher. 

The case here is that the MLB is divided into two separate sides, and both have different circumstances, in regard to the DH spot in the lineup. While under the same umbrella organization, the NL league forces its pitchers to hit in all NL league games, as well as all interleague games, in which the NL team is the designated home team. However, in the AL league, the pitchers are not forced to hit, and a designated hitter is able to fill the pitcher’s spot in the lineup.

You can see the issue here. One league has one set of rules, while another has another set of rules, all while being under the same umbrella of the Major League Baseball organization. 

Well, recently, the board has passed the notion of a universal Designated Hitter, for both the American and National Leagues, while the players solely have to approve the idea, in which they have been longing to be passed. 

With the, likely, new designated hitter rule in place, for both leagues, expect one more runner on base with the exemption of pitchers at the plate. Also, expect pitchers to go longer into games and with more power, because of their ability to rest, while they are not on the mound, and having to worry about stepping up to the plate.


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