The Future of Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers recently came out and stated that his pre-draft claim of retiring in Green Bay may not be likely. With the Packers’ move in the draft to trade up, and snag Utah State’s Jordan Love, there seems to be much speculation regarding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. With a few years left on his contract, Rodgers seemed to be the guy the Packers should be building around to make a final push with Rodgers under center.

Rodgers mentioned before the Draft that he would like to be equipped with some weapons, notioning that the Green Bay Packers go with a wide receiver in the first round. He also mentioned that the Packers have not drafted an offensive player in the first round since he himself was drafted in 2005 to eventually be the heir to Brett Favre. 

Does Matt LaFleur not like Aaron Rodgers?

This actually could be a very likely possibility. As the first year head coach of the Green Bay Packers, LaFleur led the Packers to a NFC Conference championship, where the Packers got manhandled, for the second time, by the San Francisco 49ers. However, all the fame revolves around Aaron Rodgers. So, Matt LaFleur could be willing to risk his franchise quarterback, to show that Aaron Rodgers is not the man, but he is.

In drafting Jordan Love, LaFleur may be looking into a quarterback who he can build from the ground up, into his offensive system.

So What Does That Mean For Aaron Rodgers?

Well, if LaFleur is looking to boot Aaron out of Green Bay, it will likely follow this upcoming NFL season, in which Love will most likely be groomed behind one of the most talented quarterbacks of all time. 

Teams In The Hunt:

  1. San Francisco 49ers
  • If Jimmy Garroppolo cannot get the job done in big moments again this year, look for Aaron Rodgers to be repping his childhood team in the 2021-22 season. Rodgers does own a house in Malibu and grew up, and attended college in California. Rodgers may end his career in The Golden State.
  1. Oakland Raiders
  • Sticking with the California theme here, we’re going to continue with the Oakland Raiders. If Derek Carr cannot seem to get the job done once again this year, with the addition of Henry Ruggs III, the Raiders could be looking to pay big money and go with Rodgers. 
  1. New Orleans Saints
  • With Drew Brees nearing the end of his career, the Saints could be in contention to add another branch to follow Brees. With a star-studded squad, the Saints are in a WIN-NOW situation, and if Brees can’t cut it, look for the Saints to go with Rodgers to lead New Orleans back to the top again.

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