8-Team College Football Playoff


Why Not an 8-Team Playoff??

Who wouldn’t want more drama and excitement for NCAA Football season? After every team complains about not making it into the college football playoffs, there is no reason not to expand the College Football Playoff into 8 teams. Usually, any of the top 8 teams have a legitimate shot at the national championship, but only 4 of them get the opportunity? Why?

Well, there appears to be no reason why the NCAA does not expand the CFP into 8 teams. If season length is an issue, scrap out the couple of weeks that no one watches and add another round to the College Football Playoff instead. The College Football Playoff is where all the drama happens, and quite frankly, with only four teams, not much drama actually happens. Expanding the field to 8, allows for unfavorable matchups that may result in intriguing matchups. If money is the primary focus, this is the NCAA’s way of acquiring more views and interest.

If expanding the field to 8 is undoable, at least expand the field to 6, similar to the NFL. Allow the top 2 teams to receive byes, and the other 4 teams battle it out to see who may have the better chance to take down the top 2. 

In college football, so many different teams have extremely varying strengths of schedules. For example, the Clemson Tigers have a season full of Florida State, Wake Forest, and Vanderbilt. Meanwhile, Alabama, LSU, and Georgia are beating each other into the ground. Expanding the field, may give the schools that are in those more competitive conferences, to rest and relax, while the schools with easier schedules, beat each other up, while they get to rest. 

To put it in perspective, this is what the 2019-20 College Football Playoff would have looked like if the field were expanded to eight. 


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