Top 10 Quarterbacks of All-Time


The Order…

  1. Tom Brady
  • The statlines and accomplishments that Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck racked up together were outstanding. Brady has been to nine Super Bowls, while winning six of them. 4 of which, Brady won the Super Bowl MVP. He has been in the league for 20 seasons now, winning the league MVP in 3 of those seasons.
  1. Joe Montana
  • Going 4 for 4 in Super Bowl appearances is insane. Montana was named Super Bowl MVP, in three of those Super Bowl appearances. He also won 2 league MVPs in his 16 seasons in the league.
  1. John Elway
  • There’s a reason why Montana was forced out of San Francisco and into Kansas City, and that reason was John Elway. While lacking the glamorous stats and accomplishments of Brady and Montana, Elway possessed an ultra-rare talent that was rare to see, much like Aaron Rodgers.
  1. Peyton Manning
  • One of the best pocket-passers in the league, Manning could read defenses like no other. Wherever Manning went, teams tended to be Super Bowl contenders. He was a 5x NFL MVP. Manning won 2 out of 4 Super Bowls, being named MVP in Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears.
  1. Aaron Rodgers
  • Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young are very similar in their respective careers. They lack the stats and championships to be the greatest, but their talents could never be ignored. Rodgers took over the reigns after Brett Favre, and the superstar never looked back since. 
  1. Dan Marino
  • Much like Rodgers and Young, Marino was a generational talent. However, Marino lacked any Super Bowls. Marino was a 9x Pro-Bowler, a league MVP and offensive player of the year, but the franchise could never quite break through behind Marino and make a run at the Super Bowl. 
  1. Brett Favre
  • Brett Favre was the Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, before Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. This future Hall of Famer holds 3 league MVPs, 2 Super Bowl Appearances, and 1 Super Bowl Ring. Favre might be the reason why Rodgers is Rodgers. Much like Joe Montana and Steve Young, there was a reason why Favre was booted out of Green Bay, and that reason was Aaron Rodgers.
  1. Drew Brees
  • The two downfalls of Drew Brees are that he does not have a league MVP Trophy, one, and two, he tends to “choke” in big games. While Brees holds many passing records, he only has one Super Bowl. While winning MVP at Super Bowl XLIV, Brees usually has a great supporting cast. There is no doubt as Brees being one of the all-time greats. The concern is the lack of championships under Brees’ belt with all of the talent surrounding him.
  1. Steve Young
  • Steve Young was the reason why Joe Montana was forced out of San Francisco. That’s a statement in itself. Young was much like Rodgers. He possessed talent that was rare. While Young’s resume is nearly the same as Rodgers’, the nod goes to Rodgers simply because of the way that Rodgers changed the ways that quarterbacks approached the position. 
  1. Troy Aikman
  • While lacking the League MVP title, Aikman holds 3 Super Bowl Rings, and a Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXVII. Aikman was doing spectacular things from the quarterbacking position during that time and was a strong leader for America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. Patrick Mahomes has been often compared to Aikman due to their unique capabilities in their respective times.

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