Key Takeaways from Week 1

Neither Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, nor Patrick Mahomes Have Gone Away

After Patrick Mahomes signed his 10-year, $503 million contract this summer, Mahomes displayed his value in their 2020-21 opening game. He threw for 211 yards and 3 touchdowns in their 34-20 win over the Houston Texans.

A few days later, Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson battled out for the performance of the week. Russell went 31-35, throwing for 322 yards and 4 touchdowns. Meanwhile in Baltimore, Lamar Jackson went 20-25, throwing for 275 yards and 3 touchdowns, with 45 yards in 7 carries to top it off.

Aaron Rodgers Still Has Some Life Left in that Arm

While many speculated about Aaron Rodgers’ commitment to the team following the Packers’ first round pick in Jordan Love, Rodgers showed that he can still play.

Recently, Rodgers came out and said that this is the best his arm has felt in a long time, and it definitely showed.

Rodgers went 32/44 for 364 yards and 4 touchdowns. Scoring around 30.76 points for Fantasy Leagues.

Joe Burrow Has Some Potential

In a game where he was off to a slow start, Joe Burrow only managed to put up 16.32 points in fantasy football leagues, with 193 passing yards, 1 interception, and 46 rushing yards with 1 rushing touchdown.

However, the potential was mostly displayed on the last drive of the football game. The Bengals offense started with the ball on their own 25 with 3:08 left in the game. Burrow managed to get the team to the 3 yard line, before A.J. Green’s offensive pass interference, which would have resulted in a touchdown, but instead resulted in a 10 yard flag. From the Chargers’ 13 yard-line, the kicker would miss the field goal.

On that final drive, Burrow displayed an insane amount of poise and competitiveness that not very many rookies can show, in their rookie debut.

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