Week 4 Power Rankings

*The +/ following a team’s name indicates the team’s ranking movement from the previous week’s power rankings.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) +1

After a dominant win over the previous #1, Baltimore Ravens, on Monday Night Football, there is no argument that the top spot belongs to the returning Super Bowl Champs

2. Seattle Seahawks (3-0) +1

The leading MVP candidate right now has to be Russell Wilson. He has thrown for 925 YDs with 14 TDs and only 1 INT. Seattle could use some help on the defensive side of the ball, but the Seahawks’ offense is rolling,

3. Green Bay Packers (3-0) +1

While there was much speculation regarding the Green Bay Packers coming into the season, the Packers seem to be legit Super Bowl Contenders. Aaron Rodgers seems to be better than ever, and the offense is on fire, averaging roughly 40 PPG through 3 games.

4. Baltimore Ravens (2-1) -3
5. Buffalo Bills (3-0)

The Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams had a very tight game in week 3, which saw the Bills hold off the Rams’ comeback hopefuls. With Josh Allen under center, Diggs at wideout, and a solid defense, the Bills have every right to contend for a Super Bowl. But, can they win in the playoffs?

6. Los Angeles Rams (2-1) +1
7. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) +1

After playing 3 teams, who are all yet to win a game, the Steelers have not proved much yet, even with an unbeaten record. A game with the Tennessee Titans in week 4 would have been their first big test, if it weren’t postponed due to COVID-19.

8. Tennessee Titans (3-0) +1
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) +2

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to be finding their footing, after a week 1 loss to the New Orleans Saints. The offense is starting to look like the offense that we all imagined it would be, if they keep this up, they could be in the top 5 very soon.

10. New England Patriots (2-1) +3

While many speculated about Cam Newton joining the Patriots, they look fantastic. This week, they handed the Las Vegas Raiders their first loss in the 2020-21 NFL season. While the Patriots seem to be a team that will hang around the #10 ranking, they have potential to break the top 8. However, there is doubt regarding their ability to contend for a Super Bowl.

11. Arizona Cardinals (2-1) -5

A tough loss to the Detroit Lions pushed the Cardinals back. Kyler Murray threw 3 INTs, while only throwing for 2 TDs. Hopefully, this was just a hump in the road for the Cardinals.

12. New Orleans Saints (1-2) -2
13. Chicago Bears (3-0) +2

The Bears have yet to meet a true test. Their next 2 games consist of the Indianapolis Colts and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which will serve as a litmus test for the Chicago Bears. Also, Nick Foles has taken over the offense.

14. San Francisco 49ers (2-1)
15. Las Vegas Raiders (2-1) -3
16. Dallas Cowboys (1-2) +1

In a tightly contested game with the #2 Seattle Seahawks, the Cowboys showed a bit of their worth. Dak threw for 472 yards, but threw a few questionable passes. There is some concern regarding his responsibility with the ball.

17. Cleveland Browns (2-1) +2
18. Indianapolis Colts (2-1) +3
19. Los Angeles Chargers (1-2) -3

Following a tight battle with the #1 Kansas City Chiefs in week 2, the Chargers fell short to the winless Carolina Panthers. Justin Herbert played decent, but the offense just could not find the end zone.

20. Washington Football Team (1-2) +2
21. Detroit Lions (1-2) +4
22. Carolina Panthers (1-2) +4
23. Houston Texans (0-3)

The Houston Texans have faced 3 Top-10 teams in the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers. This week they will have a much more realistic challenge in the Minnesota Vikings.

24. Minnesota Vikings (0-3)
25. Atlanta Falcons (0-3) -5
26. Miami Dolphins (1-2) +5
27. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) -9

After Minshew seemed to be hot, they dropped a week 3 game to the winless Miami Dolphins. The defense succumbed to Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Minshew could not find the end zone.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1)
29. Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1)

The Bengals are slowly, but surely getting closer and closer to a win, much closer than they had been with Andy Dalton in charge of the offense. Joe Burrow is trying to win, while Joe Mixon is not living up to expectation.

30. Denver Broncos (0-3) -3
31. New York Giants (0-3) -1
32. New York Jets (0-3)

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