2020 NFL MVP Race


Week 3

1. Russell Wilson (SEA)

Comp %: 76.7 | Tot. Yds: 1015 | TDs: 14 | INTs: 1 | Rating: 86.1

Russell Wilson has been outright fantastic this year. His leadership is on full display as the Seahawks are off to a 3-0 start. He just makes plays happen, and arguably throws the best deep ball in the game. This could be the year that Wilson gets his first MVP.

2. Josh Allen (BUF)

Comp %: 71.1 | Tot. Yds: 1122 | TDs: 10 | INTs: 1 | Rating: 84.6

Josh Allen is leading the league in passing yards and total yards going into week 4 of the NFL season. Last year, Allen displayed his ability to move around with the football in his hands. This year, he is showing that he can sling the ball. He possesses, possibly, the strongest arm in the league. With Allen, the stats do the talking.

3. Patrick Mahomes (KC)

Comp %: 67.8 | Tot. Yds: 978 | TDs: 9 | INTs: 0 | Rating: 91.8

The returning, Super Bowl MVP, and Super Bowl Champ looks like the same ole Patrick Mahomes, leading his team to 3-0 after defeating the Ravens in week 3. Mahomes is just doing Mahomes things. In that game, Mahomes just looked out of Jackson’s league. He put the pressure on the Ravens’ defense early, and never let up from there.

4. Aaron Rodgers (GB)

Comp %: 67.0 | Tot. Yds: 913 | TDs: 9 | INTs: 0 | Rating: 90.3

Aaron Rodgers went from, one of the most speculated quarterbacks in the league this offseason, to leading the offense to averaging 40 PPG through 3 weeks. The Green Bay Packers’ offense seems to be clicking on all cylinders. Don’t expect Jordan Love to take any snaps soon, with the way that Rodgers has been playing.

5. Lamar Jackson (BAL)

Comp %: 68.8 | Tot. Yds: 758 | TDs: 5 | INTs: 0 | Rating: 69.8

Jackson’s stats are not the most phenomenal, but everyone knows that the man can do some fantastic things on the field. While a horrific performance in week 3 against the Chiefs- less than 100 yards passing- may have killed his stock, look for Lamar to get back to his old ways. The returning league MVP should always be considered in any MVP conversation.

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