Week 5 Power Rankings


*The +/ following a team’s name indicated the team’s ranking movement from the previous week’s power rankings.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (4-0)

Not very much movement at the top, all of them won, expectedly.

2. Seattle Seahawks (4-0)
3. Green Bay Packers (4-0)
4. Baltimore Ravens (3-1)
5. Buffalo Bills (4-0)
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) +1

In a battle of the undefeated, the Titans and Steelers game got postponed due to COVID-19.

7. Tennessee Titans (3-0) +1
8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) +1

The Buccaneers looked like they were going to succumb to the Chargers’ defense. However, Tom Brady’s 3 second half touchdowns and late-game heroics, save the Buccaneers from an upset. The Bucs’ offense is starting to click, and that is very dangerous.

9. Los Angeles Rams (3-1) -3

The Rams won a sloppy game against the New York Giants. The offense seemed stuck in the mud against a subpar defense in the New York Giants.

10. New Orleans Saints (2-2) +2

The New Orleans Saints managed to jump back into the win column with a win over the Detroit Lions. A quality win over a tough Lions team.

11. New England Patriots (2-2) -1
12. Arizona Cardinals (2-2) -1

The Arizona Cardinals struggled against the Carolina Panthers. Kyler Murray could not get his passing game going, even with Deandre Hopkins on the field. After 2 straight losses, there has to be concern regarding the Cardinals going forward.

13. San Francisco 49ers (2-2) +1

A banged up 49ers team dropped a 25-20 game against the winless Eagles. With the absence of key players, are the 49ers in trouble?

14. Indianapolis Colts (3-1) +4

The Indianapolis Colts managed to hand the Chicago Bears their very first loss of the season. After a week 1 loss to the Jags, the Colts seem to be rolling.

15. Chicago Bears (3-1) -2
16. Cleveland Browns (3-1) +1
17. Las Vegas Raiders (2-2) -2
18. Carolina Panthers (2-2) +4
19. Dallas Cowboys (1-3) -3

The Dallas Cowboys just can not win. Yes, Dak is putting up tons of points. Yes, Zeke is arguably one of the best RBs in the league. But without a losing record, none of that matters, plain and simple. A very disappointing loss to the Browns this week.

20. Los Angeles Chargers (1-3)  -1
21. Detroit Lions (1-3) 
22. Minnesota Vikings (1-3) +1

The Minnesota Vikings managed to notch their first win of the season over a winless Houston Texans team. Dalvin Cook looked phenomenal against an intimidating Texans front seven.

23. Washington Football Team (1-3) -3
24. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2-1) +4
25. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2-1) +4

The Cincinnati Bengals managed to notch their first win of the season over the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. Joe Mixon had 151 yards and 2 touchdowns. Joe Burrow started to get Joe Mixon more involved in the passing game, and it proved to be effective.

26. Denver Broncos (1-3) +4
27. Miami Dolphins (1-3) -1
28. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) -1
29. Houston Texans (0-4) -6
30. Atlanta Falcons (0-4) -5

The Falcons dropped a tough one against a red-hot Green Bay Packers team. They head into next week’s game, against the Panthers, looking for their first win.

31. New York Giants (0-4) 

There’s something wrong in New York.

32. New York Jets (0-4) 

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