NFL MVP Race: Week 13


1. Patrick Mahomes- KC (10-1)

Mahomes and Rodgers are the clear frontrunners right now. Mahomes leads the league in passing yards (3,497), QBR (86.2), and Interceptions thrown (only 2), while throwing the third most touchdowns at 30. The returning Super Bowl champs are a heavy favorite going into the playoffs as their offense has led them to wins over the Ravens, Bills, and Buccaneers, with a lone loss to the Raiders, who they would d eventually redeem in Week 11 with a 35-31 win.

2. Aaron Rodgers- GB (8-3)

Here is Aaron Rodgers’ stat line 3,100 yards (6th), 33 touchdowns (1st), 4 interceptions (T-3), QBR 85.2 (2nd). Rodgers has looked great in all, but one of his outings. His horrific game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hurt his chances at the MVP race, but he has recovered since. This past week, Rodgers threw for 211 yards, 4 touchdowns, with no turnovers on 21/29 passing, while taking no sacks in a 41-25 win over the Chicago Bears.

3. Russell Wilson- SEA (8-3)

With a hot start, Wilson looked like the clear midseason MVP leader. However, turnovers have led to the downfall of Wilson’s MVP chances. While he still has thrown the 3rd most yards (3,216) and the 2nd most touchdowns (31), his 10 interceptions seem to be the one blemish on his record.


4. Josh Allen- BUF (8-3)

After jumping out to a hot start, and once leading the league in passing, Allen has not consistently produced the same output. While lackluster performances in weeks 7,8, and 12 put a halt to his hot start, Allen still holds a strong stat line with 3,028 yards (7th), 22 touchdowns (10th), 8 interceptions (T-16th), and a QBR of 75.5 (6th).

5. Tom Brady- TB (7-5)

After a rough few weeks of football, Tom Brady still manages to squeeze his way into the MVP rankings. While he has not played incredible in the past 4 weeks, in which they lost 3 of those, Brady has had a consistent output of yards per game. He trails only Patrick Mahomes in passing yards with 3,300, as well as thrown the 4th most touchdowns (28). Look for Brady to finish strong to squeeze their way into a playoff spot.


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