NFL Playoff Race: Week 14


Teams in the Hunt:

Seattle Seahawks (8-4)Cleveland Browns (9-3)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5)Miami Dolphins (8-4)
Minnesota Vikings (6-6)Indianapolis Colts (8-4)
Arizona Cardinals (6-6)Las Vegas Raiders (7-5)
Baltimore Ravens (7-5)

4 Big Games of the Week:

Kansas City Chiefs (11-1) @ Miami Dolphins (8-4)

A win over a seemingly unstoppable Chiefs team would be huge for the Miami Dolphins. A win this week would allow the Dolphins to remain in a wildcard spot. A loss would leave the door open for trailing teams to slide into that last wildcard spot.

Minnesota Vikings (6-6) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5)

Potentially the most important matchup in the NFC wildcard race. A win for the Minnesota Vikings would slide them ahead of the Buccaneers into the final wildcard spot and push the Buccaneers out of the wildcard spot.

Indianapolis Colts (8-4) @ Las Vegas Raiders (7-5)

A clash between two teams who are in the wildcard race. While a win for either of these teams does not guarantee a wildcard spot, it could put these teams in a good spot going forward

Baltimore Ravens (7-5) @ Cleveland Browns (9-3)

A clash of AFC East teams here. A win for the Ravens could cause some chaos, pushing the Browns down the wild card ladder and putting them in position to battle with fellow wildcard teams in the hunt with a 9-4 record. Also, a win for the Ravens puts them in a better position to slide into a wildcard playoff spot.


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