Big Games of Week 17

1. Arizona Cardinals (8-7) @ Los Angeles Rams (9-6)

The Arizona Cardinals are currently on the outside looking in on the NFL wild card race, but a win over the Los Angeles Rams could make things interesting. The Rams have one win on the Cardinals. Now, even if the Cardinals beat the Rams., they would still lose the tie-breaker due to conference win percentage. However, a win would leave the final wild card spot up to beat the #1 NFC seed, Green Bay Packers.

2. Miami Dolphins (10-5) @ Buffalo Bills (12-3)

With a win here, the Miami Dolphins will lock in their playoff ticket at the #5 seed winning the tie breaker over the Ravens, Browns, and Colts. However, if they lose, they would need either one of those teams to lose to claim a playoff spot. The playoff hopes of the Miami Dolphins lie in their own hands.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3) @ Cleveland Browns (10-5)

The Cleveland Browns are currently sitting in the very last playoff spot. Their playoff destiny lies in their hands as well. A loss to the Steelers will not have any positive impact for the Steelers, but it could put the Browns out of the playoffs.

4. Green Bay Packers (12-3) @ Chicago Bears (8-7)

There will be a lot at stake in this game. The Packers trying to hold onto that ever-so-coveted number one seed in the NFC. Meanwhile, the Bears trying to hold onto that last wildcard spot. If the Bears lose, they would need the Cardinals to fall short to the Rams in order to remain in the last playoff spot.

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