NFL Playoffs: Your Guide to Super Wildcard Weekend



#2 New Orleans Saints v. #7 Chicago Bears

When: Sunday, 1/10/21 1:40 PM on CBS

The New Orleans Saints have had a history in recent years of being a dominant regular season team and failing to continue that momentum going into the playoffs. However, standing across from them are the Chicago Bears, arguably one of the most favorable matchups for the Saints. The Bears were torn apart by Rodgers and staff in Week 17, expect to see some of the Wildcard Weekend.

Prediction: New Orleans Saints advance with a 28-14 Win

#3 Seattle Seahawks v. #6 Los Angeles Rams

When: Saturday, 1/9/21 1:40 PM on FOX

If there is one thing we do know, it’s that Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll know how to get things done in the playoffs. While the offense has been seemingly off, the defense have really put things together and kept them in big games. They have managed to win ugly down the last stretch of the season, but there is no denying that if that offense can come together, the Seahawks could make a run for the Lombardi Trophy.

Prediction: Seattle Seahawks advance with a 21-17 Win

#4 Washington Football Team v. #5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When: Saturday, 1/9/21 5:15 PM on NBC

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have caught fire in their last 3 games averaging 40.67 points per game. However, this Washington Football Team’s pass rush will be a whole lot for Brady to handle. Will the pass rush of Washington be able to frustrate Brady and limit the Bucs’ scores to a minimum? Washington’s offense is not extremely high-powered, but Antonio Gibson and J.D. McKissic can get things done on the ground, while Alex Smith does enough through the air.

Prediction: Washington Football Team advances with a 21-17 UPSET Win



#2 Buffalo Bills v. #7 Indianapolis Colts

When: Saturday, 1/9/21 10:05 AM on ABC

Man is there a hotter team than the Buffalo Bills right now? Make no mistake, the Indianapolis Colts can take out the Bills, as they have to the Titans and Packers this year. However, they are not the best matchup for the Bills, they lack the offensive firepower to outshoot the Bills and they don’t have the defensive personnel to deal with Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

Prediction: Buffalo Bills advance with a 35-21 Win

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers v. #6 Cleveland Browns

When: Sunday, 1/10/21 5:15 PM on NBC

The Browns have the biggest potential to spoil the playoffs for all preceding teams. They can put up points in bunches and in a hurry. We have seen the Browns’ season go up and down all year, but they have shown playoff potential at their peaks. On the other side are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who we all know how their season went. Without the run game working, the offense has looked horrific. An offense that will need to keep up with the Browns’ backfield and their air attack. Their record is 1-1 against each other this year.

Prediction: Cleveland Browns advance with a 35-28 UPSET Win

#4 Tennessee Titans v. #5 Baltimore Ravens

When: Sunday, 1/10/21 10:05 AM on ABC

The Ravens have looked phenomenal, closing out the season with 5 straight wins, averaging 37.2 points per game. You have to imagine that Lamar is hungry to get his first playoff win in his third playoff appearance. Also, I imagine that they are eager to avenge that loss to this Titans team last year in the Divisional Round. On the other side of the ball you have Derrick Henry to stop. Can they stop him? Or are the Ravens going to simply look to outscore them?

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens advance with a 28-24 Win


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