“Tua is Our Guy”


Tua is our guy- the words that Dolphins’ GM, Chris Grier, stated about his rookie quarterback. Many speculated the Dolphins’ possibility of moving on from their rookie quarterback with the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, via the Houston Texans. In return, Chris Grier has stated that the Dolphins organization is “very happy with [Tua’s] development so far,” shutting down all speculation about the Dolphins moving on from Tua. Let’s go into the dirt and check out what the Fins see in their franchise rookie quarterback.


Food for thought #1: Miami’s Loss to the Chiefs

The Miami Dolphins went blow for blow with the Kansas City Chiefs and gave them all they had. Tua had 316 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception on 28/48 passing attempts. Not to mention that Devonte Parker, Jakeem Grant Jr., and Mike Gisecki all left the game at one point due to injury.

Food for thought #2: The Dolphins went 5-11 last year

The Dolphins have not been able to win more than 7 games in the last 4 seasons. With the addition of a stellar defense, and Fitzpatrick as his mentor, Tua held a 6-3 record as the starting quarterback. Although they fell one game behind, the Dolphins have made incredible improvements from prior years. After all, it is Tua’s rookie year.


Food for thought #3: The man is a rookie

Rarely ever are there players who can walk into the league and dominate. We are seeing the meteoric rise of Josh Allen, but it hasn’t been until his third year in the NFL that Josh Allen is starting to show off his talent. It will take time for Tua to grow and mold into that role, but the Dolphins seem to have high hopes and ceilings for their quarterback.

The Best Case Scenario-

Imagine a reuniting between Tua Tagovailoa and Devonta Smith in Miami? Which there is a good chance of. In the case that the Jets take Penei Sewell with the 2nd pick, the Fins will likely take a wideout in Smith or Ja’Marr Chase, who opted out this season. However, if the Jets decide that they want to go the Justin Fields route, the Fins will likely protect Tua with Sewell and hopefully snag up Jaylen Waddle with their 19th pick in the draft.


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