NFL Conference Championship Week

NFC Matchup: #5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ #1 Green Bay Packers

It’s the GOAT vs the BOAT. Tom Brady, the consensus greatest of all time, faces off against Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best of all time, for only the 4th time ever. Brady owns a commanding 3-1 record over Rodgers and the Packers, one of those coming early on this year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave the Packers their first loss of the year in an astounding 38-10 victory. The Buccaneers defense pressured Rodgers into 2 interceptions and held him to only 160 yards. The tale of the tape was more of the pressure of the Buccaneers defense being too much for Rodgers and his offensive line. Meanwhile, the Bucs’ Ronald Jones ran all over the Pack defense with 2 touchdowns. So what will happen this time? Can Aaron and the offense dismantle this defense like they have to most opposing defenses? Or can the Bucs’ pressure mixed with Brady’s savvy dominate the Packers again?

Important Factors to Consider:
  1. The game is in Lambeau Field, the Frozen Tundra. The temperature will be in the teens, with the possibility of some snowfall on game day. We have seen that the weather has an impact, just ask the Tennessee Titans.
  2. The Green Bay Packers are without David Bakhtiari. If the Packers’ line couldn’t defend the pass rush earlier, how are they going to do it missing all-pro tackle David Bakhtiari? Well they seemed to hold off Aaron Donald and that Rams defense quite well so maybe there is some hope.
  3. The Tampa Buccaneers added Antonio Brown. Yes, he may not be the Steelers’ Antonio Brown, but he is a body who can move, catch, and disrupt defenses. The Pack seemed to have more difficulty stopping the legs of Ronald Jones, while holding Brady to 260 yards and 2 touchdowns. Not good, but not bad. We have seen the progression of this Packers defense, but will it be enough?

Prediction: Packers 31 – 24 Buccaneers

AFC Matchup: #2 Buffalo Bills @ #1 Kansas City Chiefs

Wow has Josh Allen been the hot commodity around the league this year! There have been many who have been very adamant about Allen winning the MVP, being better than Patrick Mahomes, and so on and so forth. Well, young man this is your chance to prove it. It’s the biggest stage, to go to the Super Bowl. Can Josh Allen out shoot Patrick Mahomes? The thing is that it’s Patrick Mahomes… and Tyreek Hill… and Travis Kelce… and Andy Reid. These four horseman have been merely unstoppable, with only one actual blemish on their record and have only two losses in their last 26 games. No one has argued that the Chiefs were not the best team at all this season. The Bills have something to say about that statement…

Important Factors to Consider
  1. Patrick Mahomes was concussed in the Divisional Round and the Chiefs are optimistic that Mahomes will play this weekend. However, will this affect his game? How will this affect the team?
  2. The Chiefs’ defense is very much underrated. They are the reason why they are in this game. After Mahomes left the game, the defense had to play keep-off and succeeded.
  3. The Bills only scored 17 points against the Ravens. They have only played one other game in which they have scored less than 20 points. Is this a sign of Allen’s inexperience in the playoffs? Can the Bills shine when the lights are brightest?

Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 35 – 32 Buffalo Bills

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