Weekly Workout (6/ 7- 6/ 13)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Rest Chest/ Biceps Shoulders/Triceps Legs/Back Biceps/Triceps Chest/Shoulders Rest Sunday, June 7, 2020: REST Monday, June 8, 2020: Chest/ Biceps Chest Biceps 1a. 5 x 5 Flat Bench Press2a. 5 x 5 Incline Bench Press3a. 4 x 8 Incline DB Press3b. 4 x 10 Incline DB Flye3c. 4 XContinue reading “Weekly Workout (6/ 7- 6/ 13)”

8-Team College Football Playoff

Why Not an 8-Team Playoff?? Who wouldn’t want more drama and excitement for NCAA Football season? After every team complains about not making it into the college football playoffs, there is no reason not to expand the College Football Playoff into 8 teams. Usually, any of the top 8 teams have a legitimate shot atContinue reading “8-Team College Football Playoff”

Top 10 Quarterbacks of All-Time

The Order… Tom Brady The statlines and accomplishments that Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck racked up together were outstanding. Brady has been to nine Super Bowls, while winning six of them. 4 of which, Brady won the Super Bowl MVP. He has been in the league for 20 seasons now, winning the league MVP inContinue reading “Top 10 Quarterbacks of All-Time”

2019-20 Washington All-State Wrestling Team

106: Oscar Alvarez Sophomore out of Granger High School (Granger) 2x State Finalist (1A) 2020 State Champ 113: Horacio Godinez Sophomore out of Toppenish High School (Toppenish) 2x State Champ (2A) 120: Yusief Lillie Junior out of Tahoma High School (Maple Valley) 3x State Champ(2 at 3A, 1 at 4A) 126: Abel Nava Sophomore outContinue reading “2019-20 Washington All-State Wrestling Team”

2019-20 Washington State High School Basketball Rankings

Boys Player of the Year: Paolo Banchero Girls Player of the Year: Hailey Van Lith Boys Guards Jabe Mullins Senior out of Mount Si High School (Snoqualmie) Saint Mary’s MBB Commit Tanner Toolson Senior out of Union High School (Vancouver) BYU MBB Commit Nolan Hickman Junior out of Eastside Catholic School (Sammamish) Liam Lloyd SeniorContinue reading “2019-20 Washington State High School Basketball Rankings”

The Continued Existence of Designated Hitters

Keep ‘Em or Get Rid of ‘Em… In the sport of baseball, there is a position in the batting lineup, called the Designated Hitter (DH), in which another player bats in place of the pitcher, to protect the pitcher.  The case here is that the MLB is divided into two separate sides, and both haveContinue reading “The Continued Existence of Designated Hitters”

Why Tony Ferguson Still Deserves His Shot

Justin Gaethje was the worst possible turnaround fight for Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson had put months and months of training, film watching, and game planning surrounding Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fighting style, ground and pound. Khabib does nothing special, he takes you down, wears you out, and beats you up on the ground. Well, Justin Gaethje doesContinue reading “Why Tony Ferguson Still Deserves His Shot”

Francis Ngannou Does Not Stand a Shot Against Jon Jones

Why Jones Dominates Ngannou… To begin, let’s go back to the reason why Francis Ngannou has only gotten one title shot. Because the one title shot that he did get was against Stipe Miocic, and he got wrestled, and had no answer for the wrestling, nor the ground game. While a vicious knockout artist, andContinue reading “Francis Ngannou Does Not Stand a Shot Against Jon Jones”

The Future of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers recently came out and stated that his pre-draft claim of retiring in Green Bay may not be likely. With the Packers’ move in the draft to trade up, and snag Utah State’s Jordan Love, there seems to be much speculation regarding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. With a few years leftContinue reading “The Future of Aaron Rodgers”

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Why College Athletes Should Get Paid According to Forbes writer, B. David Ridpath, the average college athlete spends roughly 34 per week working on their craft. Whether college athletes should be paid or not is a completely gray area that no one has yet to solve yet (Ridpath). However, many college athletes put their heartContinue reading “Should College Athletes Get Paid?”